Footsteps of Faith

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Footsteps of Faith is an eight-volume curriculum, designed for children ages 6-12, that presents the Bible chronologically from Genesis to Revelation. Its aim is to enable children to come to know God personally, to love God unreservedly and to obey God completely as they learn to walk in the footsteps of faith and obedience. All of the volumes work together to present children with the whole plan of God where they see that the Old Testament points to Christ’s coming and reveals the promise of a Saviour and the New Testament shows the fulfillment of God’s plan in Jesus Christ.

The curriculum is arranged into 4 Old Testament and 4 New Testament volumes. Each volume is non-graded and updated and includes from 14-19 complete Bible lessons, visuals of durable, coloured felt or interactive PowerPoint figures and a unique review system, all or which are built around a central theme. Related resources include creative teaching and memory work ideas, take-home coloured Bible verse tokens (KJV and NIV), daily Bible study helps, and a menu of related program ideas. This curriculum is suitable for use in Bible Clubs, Sunday School and children’s church, camp and Christian school and home teaching.