5-Day Bible Club

5 Day ClubA 5-day Bible Club is a summer ministry that reaches children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a fun and enjoyable way.

It is held for 5 consecutive days from 1 to 1 ½ hours each day.

Where does a club meet?

A 5-day club meets in the outdoors in backyards, on porches or playgrounds – anywhere there is space for children to gather. A protected spot is also good, just in case of rain!

What does the club program look like?

The program can include some or all of the following:  Bible Lesson – Bible memory verses – songs- action and review games – a real-life continued story on missions or a famous Christian – prayer – contests & prizes – snack.  The choice of program items will depend on the length of the club and the amount of space available.

Who is involved?

Each club needs a host, a teacher, at least one helper and . . . lots of children!

  • A HOST is the person:
    who lives in the neighborhood and invites the children to the club; who arranges a place outdoors to hold club – their backyard or a suitable place, rain or shine; who hands out invitations and provides a daily snack.
  • The TEACHER is the person:
    who prepares and teaches the Bible lesson and verses; who supervises the running of the club; and who conducts other parts of the program, as needed.
  • The HELPER is the person:
    who assists with attendance, hearing Bible verses and order/discipline at the club; who can lead in songs, games and other parts of the club, as needed.

Getting Started!

BCM Canada will provide help and assistance in getting a 5-day Bible Club started, training for those who will teach and conduct the club and suggest materials to use in the program.