Adopt A SchoolAdopt-A-School ministry provides a means for the local church to build bridges into the community in order to create opportunities to share the love of Christ.

It is a program designed to assist churches to reach the children in the community surrounding their building by connecting with the local school in an intentional and meaningful way.

Why Adopt-A-School?

ADOPT-A-SCHOOLIt can no longer be assumed that Canadian families value God, the Bible or church. Statistically, many children in Canada are now the third or fourth generation of families who have not attended any church. Therefore, churches need to think of the neighbourhood as a mission field and become creative and relevant in reaching and ministering to children and families.

How does the program work?

The program begins by a church “adopting” and offering to serve the local school in whatever ways are needed and relevant to the school. Through this hands-on, practical help, the church demonstrates God’s love and builds relationships that can open the way to introduce a larger variety of programs for the children of the school and extend to the parents and families. The church becomes a vital link between God and the children, staff and community of the local school.

Where does BCM fit in?

BCM Canada will provide the local church interested in beginning an Adopt-A-School ministry with:

  • Assistance in visioning, planning and preparing for a program that “fits” a particular church.
  • Training for volunteer leaders and workers.
  • A list of available resources and materials which can be used in this ministry.
  • Follow-up support and encouragement and on-going training, as needed, for leaders and workers.

Download our Adopt-A-School Brochure