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What is a Bible Club?

A Bible club is a program designed to teach children, ages 5 and up, the Word of God and to share the Gospel in ways they can understand and respond. It is a place where children can come and feel valued, loved and secure and have a good time learning about God and His great love for them.


Who is involved?

A Bible club needs a teacher who will teach the Bible lesson and conduct the club and at least one helper to assist with the children and activities. The teacher does not need to conduct the entire club if there is another who will be a co-leader.

Each teacher, leader and helper should:

  • have a heart to reach children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • desire to teach children God’s Word.Essex Club marilyn
  • are willing to set aside time to prepare for and to conduct the club.

Where is a club held?

A Bible club can be held wherever there are children who need to hear of Jesus. It can be conducted in a home, a school, a church, a community building or any place that can accommodate children adequately.

When, how often and for how long is a club held?

A Bible club is held when children are available to attend. Often it will be held after school, but can be held in early evening or even on a Saturday; sometimes it can be held during lunchtime in a school. A Bible Club is generally 1-hour long but can extend beyond depending on each individual situation. Generally a Bible club is held weekly, but that will also depend on individual circumstances.

What makes up the Bible Club program?

The program includes music, Bible lessons, Bible verses, fun review games, contests, special Bible activities, crafts, prizes and more. The program elements are designed to engage the children in fun and interesting age-appropriate methods of learning biblical truths.

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  1. Get some Training – BCM Canada will help train an individual(s) or church workers to teach, organize and conduct a Bible Club program to fit the situation and need. Tell us about your training needs »
  2. Get some Teaching Materials – BCM Publications has developed a variety of teaching curriculum and materials to equip teachers and churches to reach children. Footsteps of Faith is the series generally used in a weekly Bible Club for elementary aged children.