Kids’ Mission Conference

BCM Canada offers this unique program to inform, excite and encourage kids about missions, both at home and around the world.

Sharing God’s heart for the world and what He expects of each believer in getting out the message of Jesus is an important step in discipling children in knowing, loving and obeying God. BCM  will plan and conduct the program for the church or train church leaders to do so.

What is a Kids’ Mission Conference?

This is a mission conference designed especially for children  grades 1-6. Its purpose is to:

  • EDUCATE children about global missions, the need to get the Gospel to all peoples, and what is being done currently to meet that need around the world.
  • INFORM and involve children in understanding different cultures and peoples globally.
  • TEACH children to pray for and give to missions/missionaries now.
  • CHALLENGE and prepare children to share Jesus Christ with those around them right now.

How does it work?

A Kids’ Mission Conference is designed to parallel any missions emphasis the church prepares for the adult. This could be a weekend, a full day or several days where adults meet to be challenged with global missions. During these sessions – a Sunday School or children’s church time, a church service, or a missions banquet  – the children are involved in a conference on their own level of understanding. The program can reflect the adult missions theme and those countries/missionaries highlighted during the conference, or any other mission emphasis suitable with the church. This type of children’s  program can also stand alone, apart from any adult missions thrust and serve as a special missions emphasis or basic introduction to missions for children. BCM will design the program to “fit” the church and children’s need.

Programs-1.5---Kids-missions-3What activities are included?

Activities are designed to be fun and interesting as they educate and involve children in the various aspects of global missions. Some activities include: true life missionary stories, missions songs, learning about various people groups and cultures, missions-related games and activities and more. The entire program is very hands-on from playing different countries’ national games to tasting foods, making special craft projects, experiencing different languages, interacting with real missionaries, praying specifically for countries, peoples and missionaries and more.

Children will learn how to clearly share their faith by using specially designed tools and be challenged to share the good News with family and friends. As well, children will be instructed  how they can prepare now for a life of service to God, at home or around the world.

The program and schedule can be easily adapted to the church, its mission program and schedule needs.