BCM Canada seeks to provide a wide variety of resources to supplement the programs of the local church, and to develop and enhance the teaching skills of ministry leaders and workers, and parents. The following are general descriptions of BCM and DiscipleLand resources or tools for children’s ministry programs in the local church.

Each of the resources can be purchased from the BCM Canada on-line store or through visiting our Children’s Ministry Resource Centre at 685 Main Street East in Hamilton.

The Footsteps Series

Using the motif of “Footsteps” the BCM Curriculum has been designed for children ages 4 – 12.

The “Tiny Steps of Faith” is a Bible-centred, activity-oriented curriculum for ages 4 and 5. The four volumes lay a foundation of bible truth for young minds. In addition to Bible teaching, each volume includes ideas for interest centres, songs, prayer and simple Bible memory work.

Footsteps of Faith” is an eight-volume curriculum that presents the Bible chronologically from Genesis to Revelation. Designed for children 6 – 12, each volume for Footsteps of Faith includes 14 – 19 undated lessons, teacher challenges, reviews, and creative memory verse teaching ideas. This must-have teaching resource combines solid Bible content with practical life application.

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DiscipleLand Curriculum

The vast majority of today’s Christian kids are spiritually malnourished. Fun and games are fine, but research reveals that we have raised a generation of children who have missed out on essential Bible training. To reach the spiritual heights that God intends, kids need a firm foundation in God’s Word. They need His truth, His Spirit, and our help.

As you consider the needs of your children, please remember Jesus’ highest priority – “make disciples” (Matthew 28:18-20). Discipleship is the one thing we cannot neglect. The team at DiscipleLand wants to join hands with you in growing Christ-like children who love God and His Word. We stand ready to help you make disciples for life.

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Training Resources

Our major training publications are “In Step with the Master Teacher” and “Sharing Christ With Kids.” Both these resources are designed to be taught “in-house” by local church leadership or by on-site training by BCM training personnel.

In Step with the Master Teacher is a discipleship-based, ready-to-use tool to help you train your teachers to make disciples. This exciting program will prepare your teachers to disciple children as Jesus did: by modeling God’s truth, by building relationships and by teaching for response.

The 22 hour long training sessions are full of creative and practical ideas that your teachers can use regardless of the location, size, and budget of your children’s ministry. The package includes an interactive CD which contains everything you need to lead biblical, integrated teacher training.

Sharing Christ With Kids uses the parable of “the Seed and the Sower” as a backdrop for this training material that will prepare children’s ministry workers to effectively share the Gospel with children. The trainees will understand their need to trust God with their efforts to share Christ and build effective spiritual relationships with children. The trainees will learn how to share the Gospel clearly and biblically with children and to help them to trust Christ as Saviour.

The kit comes with a promotion DVD as well as a resource CD which includes reproducible worksheets, powerpoint presentations, wordless visuals for printing and a variety of handouts for each session. Also included are fully-scripted trainer notes incorporating a variety of presentation methods and group activities. The notes include clear objectives, time markers for the 4 one hour sessions, suggested answers and clear list of materials needed for each session.

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