TrainingBCM Canada will provide custom Teacher Training training for church ministry leaders and workers, parents, and BCM personnel in order to develop and equip them to disciple children through effective communication of the Word of God.

In order to effectively disciple children to a vital and real relationship with God, current and practical training is essential. BCM offers training for a number of specific programs and tools as well as “custom designing” training to fit the culture and needs of the church’s children’s ministry program.

Planning for a training session is done together with the church to make the most suitable schedule of workshops, dates and times.  BCM will come to a church, if possible, to conduct training. Churches in the Hamilton area may also use BCM headquarters training facilities.

The cost of training will vary with the nature of the training, travel and other expenses incurred. BCM Canada requires that, at least, travel and material expenses be covered by the church or group sponsoring the training.


Sorry, there are no upcoming training events posted at this time