Biblical Parenting


PARENTING is the toughest job in the world! Our job is to make it just a little easier!

The National Center for Biblical Parenting and BCM Canada have partnered together to present the “Parenting is Heart Work Seminar: Cooperation, Consequences and Keeping your Sanity.” This seminar brings practical solutions to the real problems parents face today!

Using the concept of “conscience development”, parents focus on 4 areas where children often have negative patterns:

  • Doing What’s Right,
  • Dealing With Wrongs,
  • Being Honest and
  • Caring About Others.

There are six key distinctives of the Seminar: it is bible-based, practical, multi-focused, heart-changing, broad-based and flexible. Download the Seminar brochure for more details and check out the National Center for Biblical Parenting website at

Biblical Parenting Seminar Brochure

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