Christian Education Training

The goal of BCM Canada is that those attending a BCM training will take away one new thing they learned and use it that week in their children’s ministry. We offer a variety of training and workshop formats for churches.

Curriculum Focused Training

Specific training is available for BCM Publications’ Footsteps of Faith and Tiny Steps of Faith curriculum and DiscipleLand’s Disciples for Life curriculum.

For more information or to book training, please contact us.

E2 Children’s Ministry Training Conference

The need for practical teacher training and good teaching resources are vital to a strong children’s discipling ministry. BCM Canada has designed the E2 “(Energize and Envision”) Children’s Ministry Conference to meet such a need.  These conferences are designed to present training plus resources and  “take-home & use” ideas through workshops taught by various local experts in the field of children’s ministry.

As we enter what we hope will be the final stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic we are offering our E2 Child Ministry Training Conferences online hoping that in the near future we will be able to return to in person conferences. Our online conference are held on a Saturday morning 9:00am to 12:45pm and includes two workshop periods with three workshop options each period. Please check out our Home page “Upcoming Events” for the next conference details. Registration is free and is completed online.


Christian Education Workshops

The workshops are shorter training sessions – specifically designed to be practical, hands-on topics which will help make a difference in the lives of teachers and the children they teach. A church may choose from the topics that best fit their individual situation and consult with BCM as to time and date for them to be presented.

Examples of workshop topics

  1. Fun with Review: Discover review ideas and games to make review fun and effective!
  2. Getting Kids Into the Word: Fun and successful ways to get children to use their Bibles (includes Bible Drill).
  3. Managing Your Classroom: Practical discipline strategies to create a “teachable” atmosphere in the classroom.
  4. Learning styles—What are they? How do you learn best? Learn to implement basic learning styles into your teaching to reach each child on their level of understanding.
  5. Building Relationships: Simple ways to get to know your children and to teach to their needs and developmental characteristics.
  6. Presenting the Gospel: Methods and tools to present the Gospel message clearly and effectively to children.
  7. “Now What Do I Say?”: Dealing with students who respond to the Gospel invitation.
  8. Lesson Preparation: A simple, practical and hands-on approach for preparing your Bible lesson.
  9. See it-Say it-Do it! A little old—a little new …tried and true ideas for using a variety of methods & visuals.
  10. Flannelgraph is Not Dead! A tried and effective visual to involve your students and keep them interested.
  11. Fun with Storytelling: Make the Bible story come alive with some practical helps for telling the Bible story.
  12. Me, Memorize The Bible? – Discover fun and interactive ways to effectively teach and reinforce Bible memorization.
  13. Missions in Your Classroom: Ways to introduce and create a “heart” for missions in your children.
  14. Reaching Around The World: How to minister effectively to children from another culture, language and non-biblical background.
  15. Meeting the Needs of the “Special Needs” Child: Integrating and supporting “special needs” children – those with mental challenges, autism, ADHD or in wheelchairs – into the classroom and showing them they are valuable to God.
  16. Sharing Christ With Kids: Learn the skills to effectively present the Gospel to children and to lead a child to Christ in these practical four 1-hour workshops.
  17. “In Step with the Master Teacher” Workshops and Training Course: For more information on individual workshops and entier course to to

Teacher Training Workshop Topics Brochure

Custom Training“Custom Fit” Teacher Training

Teacher training can be customized to fit the need of the church, its programs and teachers by offering practical seminars and make ‘n’ take workshops that will best help a particular ministry situation. Our goal is that teachers and leaders will become effective teachers of the Word of God and excellent ministry leaders and workers.

“Custom-Fit” teacher training can cover any aspect of children’s ministry in the church where BCM can come alongside and be of help:

  • Sunday School,
  • Children’s church/worship hour,
  • weekday children’s programs,
  • VBS,
  • 5-day Bible Clubs,
  • or wherever the need is.
For more information or to book a training, contact us