VBS Programs

1. Group:  Monumental Celebrate God’s Greatness by going off-road on an adventure through the colorful canyons and GREAT ROCKS and sunbaked trails of the southwest, where kids will learn how to form a “Rock-solid” faith in God for their journey in life.  


2. Lifeway:  Spark Studio Kids will discover they are “created-designed-empowered” by God in wonderful ways for His own special purpose for their lives. They will explore and be encouraged to use the talents and abilities God has given them in order to give glory to God so others will come to know Him.

www.vbs.lifeway.com/vbs-program/vbs-2022/ or www.parasource.com

3. Regular Baptist PressKookaburra Coast Join the group for an awesome adventure into Australia where God’s glorious handiwork can be seen from kangaroos and tropical animals to the Great Barrier Reef!  Kids will learn that this God of creation is also able to encourage, lead, rescue and deliver His people as demonstrated through the life of Moses and Israel and it is  true for them today when they put their trust in Him.   


4. Cokesbury:  Food Truck Party  –  As the food trucks roll into VBS supplying all kinds of food for a great summer food party, kids will discover how God is the Great Provider of our daily needs.  A fun, hands-on  approach to learning about the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6, and  verse 6, with amazing examples how God provided for different people throughout the Bible.   

www.cokesburyvbs.com or  www.parasource.com

5. Answers in Genesis:  Zoomerang  –  Like a boomerang always returns to the original spot from which it was thrown, so all the amazing experiences and sights and animals of Australia all point back to the Creator who is God.  Kids will be reminded of the value of life because God has designed and made us in His image, so we could know Him, have a relationship with Him and then live for Him by obeying His Word.  


6. Group: Jerusalem Marketplace Step back in time to when Jesus lived and walked in Jerusalem! Kids will experience the sights and sounds and smells and tastes of ancient Jerusalem as Jesus knew it—and learn of His life, death and resurrection.   Old Jerusalem, the very place where Jesus died on the cross to give each of us salvation and a place in Heaven.